Covid-19 vaccination


The Covid-19 vaccination data is related to the National Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health provides it through the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI) Information System and is available in the OpenDatasus for download. The data is individualized and de-identified and includes information about the number of doses applied in the states and municipalities, the type of vaccine used, and the patient's gender and age group information (Ministério da Saúde, 2021b).

Data access information

The vaccine data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License cc-by (version 4.0), see (Ministério da Saúde, 2021b). Additionally, the vaccine dataset is publicly available and published by the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

Therefore, no approval by an ethics committee is required to use this data, according to Resolutions 466/2012 and 510/2016 (article 1, sections III and V) from the National Health Council (CNS), Brazil.

Methods of data collection

A python code is available on our Github directory to download the vaccine data from the OpenDatasus, see details in (Ministério da Saúde, 2021b) and Github.

Data-specific information for vaccine

The vaccine dataset has a total of 34 columns and showed a total of 159,710,042 registries (rows) and a size of 79 GB in the last update of August 19th, 2021. A code with more details about the variables, data processing and analysis methods is presented in our Github directory.

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